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The Simple, Often Unknown Techniques That Took Me From Stressed To Blessed… (In Less Than 30 Minutes!)


The workbook you've been needing to help through the tough times.

Self-soothing techniques to transform your life for the better.

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Pre-Made Section & Row Library

Instantly build out your landing pages with professionally designed sections and row templates. Within a few clicks you can build out pages from scratch...

Learn the techniques that soothed my nervous system when my first marriage was falling apart...

Now you can save your own section and rows that you have created in the editor. To use them in other pages, or funnels. This will save you a huge amount of time recreating the same parts of your pages...

  • Find immediate relief
  • Experience less reaction and more response
  • Easy to learn and easy to use

Drag & Drop Functionality

You can now drag and drop elements, rows, and sections right on the page any where you want it right from the side panel...

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Mobile Preview In Editor

Preview what your page looks like on mobile right from inside of the editor. New tools and options allow you to make the perfect mobile version of your page...

Redesign Editing Side Panel

The editing panel for editing have been redesigned and cleaned up. Separated into three parts. Settings, Themes, and advanced to make it easier to find what you need...

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New Typography Settings

More tools and options to globally edit the look and feel of your sales content. Themes have been added to instantly give a new look to your page...

New Editor App System

Editor apps allows the ClickFunnels team and 3rd party developers to create new features a lot faster. More docs about this coming soon...

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Colors & Recent Colors

We pick the best colors to use when editing colors. Conversion Colors is a pre-designed color palette that is context aware. You can also get access to your recently used colors...

... and what helps my family find calm now

  • Simple and quick
  • Accessible anywhere you are and no matter where you are and what you're doing
  • Change your life and pay it forward to help others find their own peace
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