Rachel Forseti


I am Rachel, seeker of truth, justice, wisdom, and divine guidance. I aim to add more love, more gratitude, more authenticity into the world around me.

Mother of four beautiful and amazing children. They are the reason I do everything. They are my pride and joy and are a constant source of fun and thoughtful discussions. I have learned and grown so much by being their mother and I love it! 

Mother also of two babies that didn't make it.

Wife of the coolest man ever, Jarod Forseti. We designed our last name together on purpose and not just what we inherited. This marriage is the space of massive healing and growth. He is my best friend (aside from my kids :-) ) and my favorite adult. I am better able to be present with my babies because he is present with me.

Widowed from my first marriage, this was the space of massive transformation both from the good of motherhood and the not-so-good of trauma and abuse.

We heal by sharing our stories. One story at a time, we'll get to know each other. I want to know your stories. Go to my contact page, send me an email or a text. I want to know them all. Thanks for being here.