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Tuesday, June 04, 2024

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Social Media Content Pillars

I saw a TikTok on creating content and I liked the idea... so, I did the exercise that the gal demonstrated.
​I went into Canva, made a new whiteboard, added 50 sticky notes, then wrote a topic on each one.
Things I'm good at, have experience in, want to learn more about, etc. I actually had to think of some and sort of just made some up, but that doesn't matter. I have 50 ideas of what I can make content about.
Maybe this is in social media format... maybe this is a blog post, like this one... maybe I turn them into a product or service that I can offer to others. I don't know yet, but I'm curious to see how it'll all flow.

Here are my 50:

​1. Loving very much
​2. Parenting
3. ​Marriage

​4. Driving
​5. Minecraft
​6. Flip flops
​7. Books
​8. Ancestral practices
​9. Food preservation
​10. Coffee
​11. Nature
​12. Not doing dishes
​13. Cleaning
​14. Chickens
​15. Homesteading
​16. Baking
​17. Cooking
​18. Garden
​19. Spies and conspiracy theories
​20. Sovereignty

​21. Making money
​22. Real estate
​23. Childbirth education
​24. Art
​25. Starting a business
​26. Minor home repairs and using power tools
​27. Making books and courses to sell

​28. Buying too much stuff
​29. Personal development
​30. Spirituality
​31. Holding space
​32. How mindsets affect us
​33. Mentors and the lessons I've learned
​34. Therapy
​35. Making and keeping friends
​36. Processing trauma
​37. Runes

​38. Desert living
​39. D & D
​40. Making lotions and potions
​41. Midwifery
​42. Herbs and natural remedies
​43. Glass, stainless steel, cast iron, silicone vs plastic
​44. Natural cleaning
​45. doTERRA
​46. Crafts, beading, crochet, knitting, leather working, sewing and quilting, tie-dye
​47. Pool care and the lack, thereof
​48. Exercise and movement
​49. Re-purposing items around the house
​50. Nutrition and the gut microbiome

There are lots of sub-topics to all of these, and I'm sure I'll think of more later. For now, I have a good start. 

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